Ringtone Maker. How to set a custom ringtone for iPhone?

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You have an iPhone – congratulations! This is a user-friendly phone with a variety of useful functions.
However, among all the advantages of the iPhone, there is a caveat. The matter is that Apple has restricted the use of ringtones on their phones. You cannot just download your favorite ringtone from your computer or from the Internet and set it on your iPhone.

Reasons to use Ringtone Maker and install custom ringtones

Officially, ringtones for iPhones must be purchased at the iTunes Store. However, firstly, this method is not free. Moreover, to use it, you need to have the money on your account, or bank card attached to the account.

Secondly, there is no guarantee that in the iTunes Store you can find the ringtone that you like and need. Do not be upset about it - you still can make a ringtone from a favorite song by yourself and, most importantly, free, and download it to your phone.

Several websites and programs as our Ringtone Maker allow to make a ringtone for your iPhone quickly. The ringtone format that is supported by all iPhone models is m4r. To create a ringtone, you need to select a piece of the desired ringtone (not greater than 40 seconds), convert it into a suitable format and download it to your phone. To do that, you need to use the iTunes (do not confuse it with the iTunes Store). Unfortunately, there is no other way to download ringtone on your iPhone. After it’s downloaded, you just need to go to "Settings" menu and set ringtone for the incoming calls – that’s all. Now you can enjoy your favorite song whenever your phone rings!

If you have phone with the Android operating system – much more congratulations! You don't need this guide. It's super simple ;)