How to Make a ringtone quickly and easily

So, you have chosen the tune to make a ringtone for your iPhone. You can easily create ringtone from any tune using our service. For that, you just need to go to Online Ringtone Maker and take advantage of this converter.

online ringtone maker

However, to completely replace the tune of the incoming call on your phone, after converting to m4r format you need to upload it to your phone and to set this ringtone instead of the standard tunes.

The easiest way to download ringtones to your iPhone is by using iTunes. To do this, go to the iTunes’ "File" menu and select "Upload File to Library" sub-menu, or simply drag your ringtone to the window of the program by using mouse. Thereafter, the loaded song will appear in iTunes’ "Sounds" menu.

Now you need to connect your iPhone to your computer and synchronize it. After performing this action, you will see a mobile phone icon appeared in iTunes.

ringtones for iPhone, make ringtone online

Then press it and click the "Sounds" tab in the left menu again. You will be prompted to synchronize the sounds available in the media library. Put a tick next to your ringtone and then click "Sync."

ringtones for iPhone, make ringtone online

With this action, you will upload your ringtone from iTunes to your iPhone.
As the last step, you need to open your phone "Settings" menu, choose "Sounds" tab

ringtones for iPhone, make ringtone online
and "Ringtone" submenu to put a tick next to the downloaded ringtone.
ringtones for iPhone, make ringtone online
Congratulations, you set your own ringtone instead of a standard tune on your iPhone!