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Ringtone Maker is a free online service for converting mobile ringtones from .MP3 to .m4r.

Step 1

To make ringtone for iPhone we should convert it from .MP3 to .m4r, or trim mp3 for Android ringtone, choose the file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive by clicking on appropriate buttons.

Step 2

Select the desired interval for the future ringtone. You can listen to the selected interval, change, move, reduce.

Step 3

Push the "Convert / Download" button. Use the file you received as a ringtone on your mobile phones, iPhone or Android.

How to make ringtone for your Smartphone?

All of us love music. Different styles, different directions. All of us in the 21st century use mobile phones. Different models, different manufacturers. But all of the mobile phones has mobile ringtones. It is always nice to hear your favorite tune when your dear people calling you. It's probably kind of a sense of pride when people around you can hear your favorite melody on the phone call.

To make ringtone online there are many different ways. Creating service we have tried to make this process as quick and simple as possible. Various of mobile phones have different requirements for the mobile ringtones.

For example, for iPhone ringtone must be in the format .m4r and should not be more than 40 seconds. For mobile phones on Android operating system suitable file is in .MP3 format, but also lasting no more than 40 seconds.

It is so easy to make mobile ringtones online!

In our service, you can upload your favorite melody in .MP3 from your Dropbox, Google Disk, or simply selecting a file on your computer, tablet or mobile phones. Select an interval and click "Convert \ Download". Ready ringtone you can get in a format .MP3, .m4r or both files in a zip archive.

It remains only to choose the file you received as a ringtone, and enjoy your favorite tunes on your phone call.

Last updated on Monday, September 28, 2020